Main expected products for Hydrogen Demo Valley at C.R. ENEA Casaccia:

  • hydrogen pipeline for the transport and distribution of hydrogen;
  • gas pipeline for the transport and distribution of hydrogen/methane mixtures;
  • acquisition and installation of a photovoltaic field (200 kWe peak);
  • acquisition and installation of an electrolyzer for the production of about 40 Nm3/h of hydrogen;
  • acquisition and installation of a tube cylinders gas storage system (complete with compression and reduction section) with a total volume of about 30 m3 operating at 200 bar and a CH4/H2 mixing station up to 20% in volume;
  • acquisition and installation of utilities: industrial boiler suitable for the combustion of CH4/H2 mixtures up to 20%; residential/domestic boilers suitable for the combustion of CH4/H2 mixtures or pure hydrogen; domestic CHP units based on SOFC fuel cells fuelled with CH4/H2 mixtures; CHP units based on PEM fuel cells fuelled with hydrogen; an HRS for refuelling FCEV vehicles;
  • development and realization of prototypes of hydrogen production systems from advanced SMR integrated with renewable sources, methanation systems.

Main products at Capo D’Orlando infrastructure, CNR:

  • Hydrogen Hub: management and refueling infrastructure of electric vehicles powered by hydrogen produced from renewable energy sources (photovoltaic) integrated with the territory and with local social and economic actors as main users. Public use of the refuelling stations.

Furthermore, technical reports will be produced describing the research and experimentation activities carried out and the main results achieved, as well as publications in scientific and popular magazines and at national and international congresses in the sector.