IEMAP – Italian Energy Materials Acceleration Platform


  • Computational platform
  • DB realization
  • FAIR analysis
  • Simulation environment for batteries


  • Automated execution of computational calculations integrated with ML
  • Methodology for characterization of optical, structural and photoconductive properties of developed materials
  • Implementation of workflow platform for the automation of computational chemistry calculations
  • Integrated computational/experimental platform for the research of new materials and new precursors for the optimized synthesis of nanocrystals

Sustainable materials for electrochemical energy storage


  • Synthesis method and characterization techniques of cathode materials for automated screening
  • Prototype support for electrochemical measurements
  • Realization of synthesis system, semi-automatic characterization and automated down-scale integrated with IEMAP:
  • Automatable methodology, integrated with computational platform, for synthesis and characterization of ionic liquids
  • Interaction/integration laboratory/testing for silicon powder production with computational platform
  • Definition and implementation of a methodology for the formulation of inks, aimed at the production of cathodes through rotogravure printing
  • Pilot scale validation of material recovery process

Materials for electrolysers


  • Factorial/combinatorial modeling on case studies of anionic membranes
  • Realization of prototypes
  • Validation of the model by quantifying the percentage deviations “Design target vs. manufactured/ design target*100” for each project specification


Technical Reports:

  • Performance and stability validation of MEAs in PEM electrolysis cells.
  • Validation of prototype made in regenerative mode with active area of at least 25 cm2 and consisting of 3 cells
  • DB of catalyst properties
  • DB with parameters of the processes used for the formation of electrolytes and electrodes for PCE and characterization of materials and half-cells

Materials for photovoltaics


  • Metal halide perovskite thin-film solar cells in various architectures
  • Deposition methods of metal halide perovskite films by thermal and chemical evaporation
  • Prototype for the treatment of crystalline silicon end-of-life panels and aimed at material recovery
  • Process of material recovery with low environmental impact from crystalline silicon panels and indications on other types of panels


  • Calculation program for the selection of buffer structures for InGaP/Si cells
  • New prototype of InGaP/Si device installed in luminescent panels
  • Analysis of environmental and economic benefits


  • Database with photo-recharge and interface properties of developed electrodes containing information correlating materials to deposition technique for IEMAP platform
  • Analysis and selection of investigated materials for physical and liquid phase deposition for 3-terminal PV-hybrid devices
  • Prototype hybrid PV-accumulator devices as benchmark and reference model
  • Prototypes of fully morphologically and functionally characterized 2- and 3-terminal integrated PV-accumulator systems