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Artificial Intelligence and the challenge of Sustainability

3rd Canada-Italy business forum on artificial intelligence. On November 18 and 19 2021, the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Canada will bring together world-class...

NanoInnovation Workshop “Design and characterization of nanomaterials for the energy transition”

NanoInnovation 2021 - Rome, 20-24 settembre 2021 NanoInnovation is promoted by NanoItaly Association and the Italian Association...

Simposio: Electrochemical energy storage: the atomistic design perspective

https://www.nanoinnovation2021.eu/home/index.php/daily-schedule/plan-24-september/139-daily-schedule/plan-24-september/400-electrochemical-energy-storage-the-atomistic-design-perspective Batteries will have a key role in the transition towards a clean energy-based world. Indeed, secondary batteries possess high energy density, flexibility and great...